TV Com Link Activation

    What is Roku?

    Roku Streaming Device is a pioneer streaming device for the your TV. Its a device that can be connected to your Normal Flat Panel Tv as well As Roku activation TV or  TCL and ONN com with built in roku tv which has streaming player already built into it. Just connect it to internet and you are the Master of Hundreds of Streaming channels and Thousands of online shows. Be it Netflix, Hulu, Sling or Amazon Prime it all just a button press away. Roku is the Most convenient and cost effect device as per its competitors. Roku streamed all the Shows and channels to your TV via Internet.

    It requires minimal roku wireless setup and connect to the internet exactly the same way you connect any other device like your phone, tablet or computer to the wireless internet at your home. You also need to setup and online Roku account in order to Enter link code or   activation code.In simple words Roku allows you to watch online content (free or Paid)on you Tv via Internet.



    Roku Requires minimal effort as compared to the other streaming device and its very easy to activate or enter activation code.

    Please follow the below mentioned steps to Setup Roku Streaming Device or Enter link code activation. Or COMLINKCODE.

    • Please take out the Roku Streaming device out of the box and connect the all the Cables to their respective sockets. Now connect your Roku Stick to the HDMI slot at the back side of your TV and turn the TV on.
    • Press the input button on your TV remote control and select the HDMI slot on your TV where the Roku Device is connected. Select the preferred language follow the instructions on the Tv
    • Select the your Home Wifi and login with your wireless details. You can connect Roku both ways, wired or wireless. Once its connected it will ask you to update software and then it will provide you with Roku Activation Code to enter on Roku com Link. IT will also provide website Rokucomlink to inter the code.
    • Please Enter the Activation code shown on your Tv screen and setup the Roku Account on

    HOW To ADD Channels to your Roku streaming device or enter code for com/activate.

    Roku follows the principle of Downloading the video from the internet and streaming it on your Tv. It does no saves the Video and then watch on the TV. The Video isn’t saved. It is as similar to installing apps on a smartphone or Tablet.

    You Can easily add all you Favourite channels like Netflix, Hulu, sling or Amazon Prime, Youtube,and stream it as you like. Roku is very cost effective as compared to your cable tv channel. You just pay for what you like.

    You can also Add you favourite local or national Chanels like ESPN, HISTORY, HALLMARK, HBO GO. News channels Like ABC, FOX and many more.

    Roku has come a long way Since 2008 and it has gone to over 3000 channels like FOX, ABC, CBS or NBC etc. It has thousands of overwhelming options available for everybody and that to at the pocket friendly price.

    Aside from the Video content, Roku has a plethora of music Roku channels to choose from.

    Features of Roku ACTIVATION  You Want to Know

    Roku is quite famous among people. It is a great source of entertainment. In simple words, it is one stop destination for all of your entertainment. No matter whether you already have the Roku or you want to purchase a new one everyone is keenly looking for the latest Roku devices features & settings nxt updates. Here we are giving you some best features of Roku with settings. Hope you like them.

    Data Saver Mode 

    If you have an internet plan with capping then you would love to experience the latest Roku OS feature. It comes with the ‘Bandwidth Saver” mode. When you turn this feature on it will wait for almost 4 hours to check if you are still watching anything or not. It prompts with a message if it doesn’t get any response, for instance, you don’t press any button it will automatically stop streaming. This feature will ultimately help you to save your data so that you can utilize your saved data for the next purpose.

    To activate this feature you need to have the latest Roku OS 9.2 or above. You can find the data saver mode in the Network Settings. Activate it from there.

    Connect Your Roku with Public Wi-Fi

    If you are someone who would love to take his Roku alongwith everywhere. Well, in that case, Roku lets you use it using public Wi-Fi. You can simply do it. All you need to do is simply follow the below steps.

    Here’s how you can use Roku with public Wi-Fi:

    • Connect your Roku player into the TV using HMDI port
    • Take your Roku remote and press the Home button
    • Select Settings by scrolling up and down
    • Select Network > Set up connection > Wireless.

    You will get the list of available networks. Choose the network you want to get connect and select ‘I am at a hotel or college dorm’ option.

    Cast YouTube or Netflix

    Searching YouTube or Netflix on your TV might be not as easy as on your phone or computer. You will feel good to know that you can search for your favorite video or show and simply cast it to your TV.

    To do it you need to click on Cast button on the YouTube or Netflix app and select your Roku player. Make a note that both devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network.

    We hope you like the features. Now to stay update with the upcoming nxt updates we recommend you to visit Bookmark this site now.  It is a dedicated Roku support number or that gives you the freedom to get any kind of help related to Roku.