Roku is one of the most advanced streaming devices. It comes in a various models that once can choose according to his or her budget or features. You will be glad to know that Roku comes with many advanced features that you would love to explore, from voice feature to giving you the best recommendations according to your taste Roku just simply take the entertainment thing to the next level.

As you are here we are assuming that you are having some issue with your Roku and if we are not wrong then you are not able to connect your Roku with your mobile hotspot. Before moving to the solution do you really want to use your mobile data to explore Roku? Why we are saying this? Well, we have a valid reason for that.

Make a note that most of mobile data plans are limited and some mobile plans do not include mobile hotspot access. It may sound weird to some users but yes, your mobile operator may put such restrictions.

Before connecting your Roku with your mobile hotspot we strongly recommend you to check your plan first otherwise you may end up paying unnecessary hefty charges.

We don’t know the reason right now but we recommend you to enjoy your entertainment on Roku by using your Wi-Fi connection or the connection that offers you unlimited data. At least this will stop you from keeping checking your data every ten minutes. When you have unlimited data you can enjoy your web series or movies without any distraction.

Now, after our recommendation, if you still want to access Roku using a mobile hotspot then here are the steps.

Below steps are given for Android. If you are using any other OS then the steps are almost similar.

  • Go to the settings menu
  • Tap on mobile hotspot option
  • Tap on Set up a mobile hotspot. It will open the hotspot menu.
  • It may ask you to continue with mobile data usage. Proceed further by tapping on the ok button.

Well, that’s it.

Now what you need to do is turn on your Roku device and establish a connection again with a new hotspot setup.

We hope the like our tutorial. Now just in case you are facing any trouble following the tutorial then you can get help from toll free Roku Support Number +1-(866) 819-3021. It is a completely toll free number that you can use to get other Roku related help for instance an expert will help you to understand how to set up Roku, how to troubleshoot Roku errors, Roku is not connecting to internet and more.

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