So you’ve just got a high speed internet so you can stream Roku channels flawlessly. But hold on as you are here it seems that you are now facing buffering problems. Well, after investing on high speed internet it is quite frustrating. Stop scolding your internet service provider especially if your internet is working fine on your other devices. The hidden culprit can your Roku device itself. Here we will discuss some of the quick things that you can perform in order to fix your Roku buffering problems.

Quick Ways to Fix Roku Buffering Problems


When you get any problem in your smartphone for instance it starts freezing what is the first thing that would do? If we are not wrong then it is a quick reboot, right?

You will feel relief to know that Roku also gets normal and back to work after a simple and quick reboot. A quick restart or reboot always works for many gadgets and no need to say that most of the time it is a handy thing when it comes to Roku’s buffering problem.

Try a Wired Connection

Is your Roku is connected with Wi-Fi connection? If your answer is yes, then you would love to switch to wired connection especially the buffering problem is long and consistent.

You need to keep in mind that the Wi-Fi connection is great but there could be many disturbances that may be stopping your other devices to get proper signals for instance a wall, any metal thing, etc. can act as a barrier.

Coming to the wired connection they are known for offering better stability and speed without any question. Try getting an Ethernet cable and see the difference.

Upgrade Your Router/Modem

If your router or modem is quite old then you simply need to upgrade it. Old routers or modems have less CPU power and if you have one then feel no surprise why it is not able to handle high speed internet.

Yes, you read it right. No matter how faster your internet connection is it is important for you to get a compatible router or modem.

A compatible and latest modem or router ensures that you will get the right internet speed without any hindrance.

So this is all what you can do to fix your Roku buffering problems. In order to fix your problem if you have already reset your device then you can take help from us for the Roku streaming stick setup. Feel free to call us at +1-(866) 819-3021 even if you have Roku’s any other device. Keep in mind that you can use this toll free number to get help on any type of Roku problem.

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